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    Mr. Huang Zhuan, renowned art historian, critic and curator, executive director of OCAT Shenzhen and OCAT Institute, professor of Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts, passed away at 8:29 pm on April 13th, 2016 in Guangzhou, at the age of 58. With his family member’s approval, OCAT is now announcing the departure and receiving consolation and condolences from friends of all fields on behalf of his family (please mail to: jnhz@ocat.org.cn). We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all the consideration and condolences. We would also respect Mr. Huang's wish which is to hold no forms of memorial service or farewell ceremony.



    Respectfully yours



    April 14, 2016












    作为策展人,黄专教授重要的策展和主持的学术项目包括:1996年“首届当代艺术学术邀请展”、1998年“首届何香凝美术馆学术论坛”、1999年“超越未来:第三届亚太地区当代艺术三年展(中国部分)”、1999年“第二届深圳当代雕塑艺术展”、2000年“社会:上河美术馆第二届学术邀请展”、2001年主持策划“城市俚语:珠江三角洲的当代艺术展”和“被移植的现场:第四届深圳当代雕塑艺术展”、2002年“重新解读:首届广州三年展”、主持策划“图像就是力量:王广义/张晓刚/方力均的艺术展”、2004年策划深圳地铁华侨城段壁画工程;2005年“第二届何香凝美术馆学术论坛”、“‘柏拉图’和它的七种精灵”展、“文化翻译:谷文达《碑林-唐诗后著》”大型个展、2006年“亚洲交通:视觉隧道国际当代艺术展”、“创造历史:中国20世纪80年代现代艺术纪念展”、2007年“第三届何香凝美术馆学术论坛――中国当代艺术生态考察”、“气韵——中国抽象艺术国际巡回展”、2008年“征兆——汪建伟大型剧场作品展”、“视觉政治学:另一个王广义”、“静音:张培力个展”、2012年“自在之物:乌托邦、波普与个人神学——王广义艺术回顾展”(2012 年,中国北京);主持策划的“上海浦江华侨城十年公共艺术计划”包括 2007年“点穴:隋建国艺术展”、2008年“征兆——汪建伟大型剧场作品展”、2009年“对视:林天苗艺术展”、2010年“中园(CHINA PARK):一种独特的中国生态乌托邦”、2011年“无所遁形:爱德文·斯瓦克曼-刘建华对话展”、2012年“王广义:冷战美学”、2013年“重要的不是合同——徐震”、2014年“姜杰:大于一顿半”、2015年“展望:暂时什么都不是”,等等。

     Huang Zhuan 


    Renowned art historian, critic and curator, executive director of OCAT Shenzhen and OCAT Institute (Beijing), professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts



    Born in 1958, Huang became a graduate of the department of history at Central China Normal University in 1982 and acquired his Master’s degree in the history of Chinese art at Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (HIFA) in 1988. He was also awarded for his MA thesis by the Wu Zuoren International Art Foundation of Fine Arts. 



    Huang worked on the editorial team of magazine Meishu sichao (the Trend of Art Thought) from 1985 to 1987 and the curator team of the 1st Guangzhou Biennial in 1992. From 1994 to 1996, he worked as an editor of magazine Hualang (Art Gallery). Huang became the researcher and curator of He Xiangning Art Museum in 1997 and the director of OCT Contemporary Art Terminal as well as the member of Artistic Advisory Committee of He Xiangning Art Museum in 2005. In the year of 2012, Huang was appointed as the executive director of OCAT Shenzhen and OCAT Insititue. He was also the president of Award of Art China (AAC) Selection Committee (2016).


    As an art historian, Huang was dedicated to studies of art history.  He co-published three prominent books with Yan Shanchun: Dang dai yi shu wen ti (Questions of Contemporary Art) (1992), Wen ren hua de tu shi, qu wei yu jia zhi (Pattern,Taste and Value of Literati Painting) (1993) and Pan Tianshou (1998). In 2005 Huang started the “Case Studies in Chinese Contemporary Art” series and published the collection of Exhibition and Theory. He worked as the chief editor of World 3 Journal (2014) and organized the publication of the renditions of art history and theory (He Xiangning Art Museum). Huang’s published books also included Thought and Action in the Art World (2010) and Politics and Theology in Chinese Contemporary Art: Reflections on the Work of Wang Guangyi, (2013).



    As a curator, Huang curated and organized prominent projects including the 1st Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art 96-97 (1996), the 1st Academic Forum of He Xiangning Art Museum (1998), “Beyond the Future: the 3rd Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (China)” (1999), the 2nd Shenzhen Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition (1999), “Society: the 2nd Academic Exhibition Upriver Gallery” (2000), “City Slang Chinese Contemporary Art From Zhujiang River-Delta” (2001), “Transplantation in Situ: the 4th Shenzhen Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition” (2001), “Reinterpretation : the 1st Guangzhou Triennial” (2002), “Image is Power: the Art of Wang Guangyi, Zhang Xiaogang and Fang Lijun” (2002), Shenzhen OCT Subway Murals Project (2004), the 2nd Academic Forum of He Xiangning Art Museum (2005), “Plato and His Seven Spirits” (2005), “Translating Visuality Gu Wenda: Forest of Steles, Post Tang-dynasty Poetry” (2005), “Asian Traffic Shenzhen: Visual Tunnel” (2006), “Creating History: Commemorative Exhibition of Chinese Modern Art in the 1980s” (2006), the 3rd Academic Forum of He Xiangning Art Museum (2007), “Qi Yun: the International Round Exhibition of Eight Artists’ Chinese Abstract Art” (2007), “Symptom: A Large Stage Work by Wang Jianwei ”(2008), “Visual Polity: Another Wang Guangyi” (2008), “Mute: Zhang Peili’s Solo Exhibition” (2008), “State Legacy: Research in the Visualization of Political History” (2009, Manchester, UK and Shenzhen, China), “Possible Vocabulary Games: Xu Tan Language Workshop” (2011), “'Thing-in-Itself:' Utopia, Popand Personal Mythology – Wang Guangyi Retrospective Exhibition” (2012, Beijing), Shanghai Pujiang Overseas Chinese Town Public Art Project (OCT-PAP) (2007-2015) amongst many others.







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